What is Hot Stamping Foil?

The hot stamping foil is a media material for the hot stamping process. The decorative pattern on the hot stamping foil is transferred to the surface of the decorative substrate by one-off heating to form a high-quality decorative finish. In the process of stamping, the protective layer is separated from the PET film by heat and pressure, and the hot melt adhesive permanently adheres the entire decorative layer to the substrate.

The hot stamping foil uses PET film as the base film, the surface of which is printed with wood grain, marble and all kinds of patterns or trademarks required by customers. It is composed of release layer, protective layer, decor layer, base color layer and hot melt adhesive layer. It is widely used in plastic and MDF decorative boards, profiles, handicrafts, wine bottles, beverage bottles, glass and other products requiring surface decoration, with vivid and delicate patterns and stable colors, it can replace the old technology of traditional stickers, coating, printing and water labeling. The transfer process is pollution-free, VOC free, simple, fast and easy to operate, which has been recognized in the market and belongs to the new trend of surface decoration in the future.

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