More than 1000 designs are available with Qingdao Unique!

Our main products are Wood grain hot stamping foil, metallic effect hot stamping foil, imitation marble hot stamping foil, hot stamping foil for door frame, photo frame, baseboard; hot stamping foil for PS, PP, PVC, ABS; hot stamping foil for WPC door board, MDF plank, floor; hot stamping foil for PVC panel, PVC board, UV board; UV layer coated hot stamping foil; hot stamping foil for outdoor application. Complete variety of specifications and patterns, our stamping foil can also be used for surface decoration of furniture, office stationery, photo frame, electrical appliances, glass, ceramics, clothing, cosmetics packaging, medical equipment, daily necessities, jewelry, lighters, chopsticks, toys, etc.

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